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The Symbol of Peace (2012, directed by Zev Vel) was finished in January 2012. Since its completion it has screened at numerous film festivals including the Austin Film Festival.
The Symbol of Peace could not have been completed without the dedicated help of everyone involved. 


Morning brings news of conflicts from every corner of the globe. In this troubled time, the peace sign is a comforting sight for many. On t-shirts or jewelry, bumper stickers or posters, it reminds us there is more to life beyond struggle and strife. The peace sign has survived for over 50 years because it is a symbol of hope and a philosophy uniting countless loving people. It has struggled to stay alive over the years as its popularity and acceptance have waxed and waned. But the strength it has now will keep it forever strong. Directed and filmed by Zev Vel, The Symbol of Peace will share the inspiring stories and dreams of the people who love the peace sign and have created their own peace signs to display on their homes and businesses. Here in Woodstock, New York, we are surrounded by the symbol; it is part of our daily landscape. It seems fitting for Woodstock to be the center of the documentary

Those Involved:

The Symbol of Peace features many people of all ages in Woodstock and beyond. Special guests, Ken Kolsbun, author of Peace: The Biography of a Symbol (published by National Geographic) has graciously offered to lend his perspective on the peace sign's history, in addition, Gea Austen, daughter of Eric Austen (the creator of the first peace badges) shares her stories as well. 

A cast and crew list can be found on IMDb.

Official Festival Selections:

MovingMedia Student Film Festival - Premiered June 23, 2012
Peace River Film Festival - Screened September 23, 2012
Woodstock Film Festival - Screened October 12, 2012 - Sold Out
Austin Film Festival - Screened October 20, and October 21, 2012 - Sold Out (both times)
- Culture Unplugged: Spirit Enlightened Film Festival - Online screening launched December 15, 2013

Global Peace Film Festival - Accepted into online festival - Unable to screen due to restrictions of public screenings at the time.


- November 30, 2012, Featured by deviantART: "[The Symbol of Peace is] a wonderful piece of film. A thought-provoking documentary on the power of one of the most iconic symbols in modern history."