Student Recognition at CCNY

  • Awarded the S. Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders in 2018 by City College of New York after being in the top 20% of the class, and will receive $4200 towards a summer internship in Zev's medical career.


  • Bard College at Simon's Rock awarded Zev with first place for their campus video competition in June 2013.
  • The Symbol of Peace a short documentary by Zev was part of the official selection of the Austin Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Peace River Film Festival and MovingMedia Film Festival also featured in a large online art community, deviantART.
  • deviantART Inc. awarded Zev with a community-wide award that is given to 1 member of the 27-million users every month. He was the youngest member to have ever received the award.
  • Photographers Forum finalist in spring photography competition 2012.
  • Looking at You, a photograph by Zev, was featured in a juried art show.
  • FreshBrain Robotics Competition listed Zev as a finalist for their video competition.

EMS Recognition

  • Recognized by the NYPD Traffic Squad Benevolent Association for "life saving actions" taken on December 31, 2016 while on a New Years Eve shift. 


  • Dyland Dunlap's Positive Can Win (single) and The Looking Glass (album) featured Zev's photography as the cover artwork.
  • QVEST (issue 51) featured with two full page photographs of photographer George Holz and model Marianna Rothen. 
  • Saugerties Public Access featured a video that Zev directed while working with the WDS Film Club
  • Goodlife Youth Journal published a story and multiple photographs in the journal.
  • The Battering Ram published a story and a photograph in the journal.
  • Hudson Valley Times had an article that thanked Zev for being on a panel for Race To Nowhere.
  • RPI Television featured Zev's Code Red Robotics film on the TV network.


Past Press

Press and features of Zev from Zev's "earlier years"

Press 2013

"Working on film sets is an absolute joy of mine. Many people my age enjoy relaxing by playing video games all day, but for me that isn't even close. I would much prefer to wake up early in the morning and get on set. When the lights are on and you're shooting, there’s nothing better. " 
August 24, 2013 - DesignnMag (p. 12-13)

"...Having read over a hundred scripts submitted from more than seven countries before choosing ‘The Dance’ to film. Vel discusses what inspired the project and how they’re creating it."
 May 21, 2013 -

"However, Vel’s own collection of stories are as varied and colorful as the more than 60 film sets that hired him. He fondly reflected upon the bear that refused to terrorize the set of last year’s Woodstock Film Festival entrant “In Our Nature.” Shot on location at Mount Tremper, Vel served on the film that starred actors Jena Malone, Gabrielle Union and John Slattery, as its grip and electric intern. "
April 18, 2013 - Register Star News

"Youthful co-directors Zev Vel and Meredith Basler make a poised and appealing team and two short days into their campaign they are one-quarter of the way to their eminently achievable $4000.00 goal." 
 March 6, 2013 - International Screenwriters Association

"It's the dream of many filmmakers to have their film accepted to a film festival. Zev Vel has had his film accepted to four - at just 17 years old."
January 16, 2013 - StudentAdvisor a Washington Post company

Press 2012

"Zev's dedication to our community is without question. From developing helpful tutorials, to being a community leader... you can always find him connecting with all areas of our community in order to spread his infectious enthusiasm and inspiring positivity."
May 1, 2012 - Deviousness Award Presented by deviantART Inc.
Zev was the youngest member of the community to have received this prestigious award and had received a second award previously.

"It’s a big deal to have a film accepted to a film festival. First-year Zev Vel's short documentary The Symbol of Peace was accepted to FOUR festivals: Peace River Film Festival, MovingMedia Film Festival at Wayne State University, the Woodstock Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival. Congrats to Zev!"
October 1, 2012 from Bard College at Simon's Rock 

“...Film and television play a part in so many people’s lives today, and have led the way for change in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I believe strongly that films make a huge difference in society… Films raise awareness of issues, sometimes through fiction and sometimes through non-fiction; but in both of these cases, they bring an important part to society’s future.” Vel’s own film, The Symbol of Peace, is a look at the power of the iconic peace symbol in people’s lives and the different ways in which it has impacted both individuals and society over the past 50 years..."
October 11, 2012 from Ulster Publishing, Kids' Almanac (interview) 

"Having your film accepted to a film festival is a pretty big deal. Having it accepted to four festivals is a really big deal. And doing it when you’re only 17 years old? That’s pretty extraordinary, says filmmaker and first-year student, Zev Vel, who recently screened his documentary short, The Symbol of Peace, at the 19th annual Austin Film Festival & Conference..."
November 5, 2012 from Bard College at Simon's Rock NewsRoom

"In post-production, it is absolutely essential to know the story that you want to create and have a vision of what it will look like in the end. Having equipment and knowing technical aspects (shortcuts, everything about a codec, etc.) help immensely with postproduction, but are not what makes an excellent editor. The skill and knowledge of how to make a story flow is what is absolutely necessary” 
December 30, 2012 from DesignMag

Press 2011

"...Included in the team was a rockstar intern that [Brian] Savelson [director] insisted get an indieWIRE shout out: Zev Vel, who Savelson said was the hardest working person on set."
July 15, 2011 - indieWIREIn Our Nature (working title: Family Tree) premiered at SXSW in 2012.

"A huge thanks to the panelists who sat on the stage, fielded questions, and provided genuine responses to the situation of learning and stress in our schools; Thank you Beth Humphrey, Becky Mulford, Tom Averill, Lisa Ellerby, Eileen Kamrass, Linda Oehler-Marx, Ric Campbell, and a special thanks to the three students who sat on the panel, Erin Poll, Jeanne Milner, and Zev Vel"
March 30, 2011 - PostStarNews and March 31, 2011 Hudson Valley Times